Second Name That Tune Solved

We have a winner for the latest Name That Tune – Jonathan from New Zealand again! From ragtime to classical guitar. The consummate all-round musician.

The piece was (in his words) ‘a waltz by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841), from his guitar methods; both op.27 (…/M%C3%A9thode_compl%C3%A8te,_Op.27… p.16) and op.241 (…/%C3%89cole_de_guitare,_Op.241… p.25) include it. It would also be found (often unattributed) in many other guitar tutors. And *exciting!* there’s a third part (and more, in op.27).’


You can download the whole books in PDF form from the link above; a beautiful old book that has been scanned in. There are a few more notes in there, and it continues with several parts, all really lovely and fun to play. I had as much of a go at it as my toddler would let me (same helper as in the first Name That Tune video).

My guitar teacher friend said it’s on the syllabus of the Trinity examinations, so it is still very much a popular teaching piece after 200 years.

Here it is with the third part. If you have a look at the dots, there’s more!



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3 Responses to Second Name That Tune Solved

  1. Bryce Gorman says:

    I like it, keep practicing and soon you’ll be performing for hundreds of people 😉

    • Rosa Conrad says:

      Ah, it’s not me on the youtube vid! I didn’t make that clear. That’s me playing it on my previous blog, as I was taught it by a student’s mum. I like the tone of your website. It’s true a lot of people give up guitar. There’s so many different styles, and often people who want to be strumming their favourite rock songs get hooked up with a teacher who only teaches classical, never learn a single chord then give up. I wholeheartedly agree with your point -‘surround yourself with like-minded musicians’. So important to have friends that play and not just the teacher.

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