Let it Go

frozenI wonder how many more music teachers have noticed the ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen phenomenon? Having had the song mentioned to me by a couple of students, I looked it up on youtube, saw a cartoon character with an improbable waistline singing about being a queen and thought, ‘Why would a seven-year-old boy want to sing and play this song on his ukulele?’ It didn’t really capture my imagination so nothing more was done about it. But now I have been DELUGED with requests from students to learn the song. From tinies to teenage, boys and girls, they’re all mad about it! Right now, Frozen is definitely the number one movie among my pupils.

The song is in Ab. Here are the words and chords to ‘Let it Go’ in the original key, and transposed down a semitone to the more palatable key of G.

Let it Go (from Frozen)

Let it Go (from Frozen) in G

I had already decided that that this evening would be devoted to making a chart of this song, when yet another student mentioned it today by way of telling me what she and 5 other friends will be doing for their school talent show next week. They will sing along to a CD of ‘Let it Go’ whilst one of them plays along with the tune of the chorus on a keyboard. When the song hits its climax, two of the group who happen to also do gymnastics will begin cartwheeling around the stage.

I have had fun with a student improvising around the four main chords of the chorus in different keys. It is the good old favourite progression illustrated brilliantly by Axis of Awesome. I have shared this video before, I will do it again!


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4 Responses to Let it Go

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  2. Fernando says:

    Thanks for the original chords for the Let it go!!! I am trying to find out about the chord Bbsus
    -Bb, I suppose it is http://www.ukulele-chords.com/Bbsus2

    The daughter of my friend really loves this song!

    • Rosa Conrad says:

      Hi there, thanks for you comment. The chord you’re looking for is actually Bbsus4 (sus4 is the most commonly used suspended chord, and the ‘4’ part is often taken for granted. I will start specifying it from now on though!) Make a Bb shape and add your little finger on the 3rd fret of the C string. This way you can just take your little finger off to resolve onto the Bb.

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