Hit the Road Jack

My previous blog was all about songs which have one short chord progression repeated throughout the entire song. But I’ve just realised I missed a real gem: Hit the Road Jack! It’s a joy to teach and jam through. Here’s the chart-

Hit The Road Jack

The chords are Am, G, F, E all the way through. If you’re playing on a ukulele, you can use E7. I have been known to use this song as inversion practice with piano students. First you play all the chords (right hand) in root position, then 1st inversion, then 2nd, while the left hand always plays the root note. Then you can try it in different keys.

The Ray Charles version is the most famous version. He sang it with the Raelettes, here they are on video, 1961.

The song was written by Percy Mayfield, and originally recorded it with one female singer, a cappella. I love this version, the laid-back tempo, and the dialogue between the two singers.

Then I went YouTube surfing and came across these teenagers in a car singing a brilliant (and entertaining) version of their own. Such a great song!

Please tell me if you know of any more great songs with one repeated chord progression to add to the list!


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