Which duet should go? Please help!

QuestionsBook two of my ‘Delightfully Easy Piano Duets’ is due to be printed next month. The book is shaping up nicely. Now I’m faced with a decision. I have one duet too many, and one has to go. The trouble is I can’t decide which, so I’ve decided to open it up for a vote.

Here are the two duets-

Charlotte try-out beginner’s part
Charlotte try-out intermediate part

Minor Waltz try-out beginner’s part
Minor Waltz try-out intermediate part

They are both duets over two pages, so the pages need to be taped together in the order that they are numbered.

It would be a huge help to get your opinions; teachers or players for fun. I hope you enjoy the free downloads, and please let me know which one you would vote out on my facebook page.

Thanks a lot!


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