Decision Almost Made

In my previous blog post I gave two duets from the forthcoming book two of ‘Rosamund Conrad’s Delightfully Easy Piano Duets′ as free downloads, and asked people to try them out and tell me which duet they think should stay, and which should go.

A lot of people have said they prefer ‘Minor Waltz’, but here’s the rub. Looking at the number of clicks on the downloads it is easy to see that there have been many more downloads of the beginner’s part than the intermediate. Now, in the duet ‘Charlotte’, the tune is in the Intermediate part rather than the beginner. And I got this response on Facebook –

Minor Waltz is nice, but Charlotte has a beautiful melody! Keep Charlotte!’

All the other responses preferred Minor Waltz, but this response was the nicest and most enthusiastic!

So the upshot is I would like just a few more opinions and then I will decide. So if you would like a sneak preview at a couple of honestly truly delightfully easy piano duets, please download both parts and tell me what you think!

Thank you!


About Rosa Conrad

Teacher, writer, performer.
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