Free Entry for the Dulwich Piano Festival!

I am delighted to share the announcement from the organisers of the Dulwich Piano Festival with a special offer for teachers.
dulwichmusic_logoNo. 4 from Rosamund Conrad’s Delightfully Easy Piano Duets, ‘Andante con Moto’ has been chosen as the Set Piece for the Pupil & Teacher Duet class at the Dulwich Piano Festival that takes place on Sunday 15th of June in South London. We have a special offer on books purchased before the end of April that gives you one free entry for a student to the Set Pieces class when you buy the book from Deadline for entries is 1st May.

This offer is also for the under 12s class, the set piece of which is ‘Super Duck’ from Higgeldy Piggeldy Jazz by Elena Cobb. Elena and I will be adjudicating our respective classes.

For more information about the festival, please follow the link above and to make your free entry, please email”


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Teacher, writer, performer.
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