Percussive Piano Tunes

Knocking and Clapping in ‘Popcorn’ and ‘Short Legged Benjy’

There are two tunes in ‘Fun, Games and Party Pieces for Beginner Piano‘ with a percussive element where the pupils get to create a rhythm by a combination of knocking on the piano and clapping. I’m still amazed at how positively they all react to it. I recommend we piano teachers should add this element into some of the tunes from other tutor books to breathe some fresh air into them.

Here are the Angry Grey Stripy Muppets* demonstrating these two tunes. Firstly ‘Popcorn’: One reading the chord symbols to play an ‘um cha’ accompaniment on the piano, one on ukulele and one playing the tune.

And now ‘Short Legged Benjy’.

Apologies, the rather abrupt end to this one made me crack up behind the camera. Now I know why I suggested two verses in the book.

*The band name was decided after I drew massive dots and extended the stave in pencil to remind them to do the repeat. The dots looked like eyes and the whole ensemble was said to resemble an angry, grey, stripy Muppet.  Obviously a perfect name for a band. Children today eh? No imagination.


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