Casio Workshop for Piano Teachers

Come and see me and get in for cheap!

Fun-Games-Front-CoverSince Launching Fun, Games and Party pieces I have been really pleased with how versatile it has proved to be in my own teaching. I added chord diagrams to each tune for family members to play along on different instruments, or teachers who like to work with chords like me.

The book functions well enough as a collection of fun pieces for beginners, but also has real scope for opening up the world of harmony for teacher and pupil alike, starting a journey that will ensure a deeper understanding of all the music the student will encounter in their future.

There are so many things you can do with these chord diagrams, giving students the ability to use chords, harmonise and understand harmony right from the beginning.

Excitingly, I’m going to get a chance to demonstrate these techniques in the Casio workshop for Piano Teachers this coming September.

I am looking forward for this chance to show other teachers how I use my own music in my own lessons, but also I’m really looking forward to being a part of this all-day workshop.

I’ll get the chance to learn about using digital technology in lessons to great effect, try out the latest digital pianos, hear straight from the composer of ‘All That Jazz’ about teaching Jazz and other modern styles, get help with how to promote the best posture for my students, find out how to run a ‘practice-a-thon’ and try out the new elegant and versatile footstool for young pianists.

Come and join me! The organiser has very kindly allowed me to offer a discount to my friends. Click the link below to enjoy a discounted rate of £24.99 for the whole day.

piano workshop discount


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