Pentatonic in 3

This duet is a firm favourite, and one of the first I wrote. Although it is the only one to venture out of the five-finger position, it is actually one of the easiest. I generally introduce it second after Breeze. It’s great to get them reading and feeling three-in-a-bar this early on.

The two pianists get to swap around with each other, taking turns to play the tune, and a high drone on A (the 5th note to complete the pentatonic scale).

The Intermediate part is swung; play it nice and lazily. It may initially seem like a lot of notes, but it consists of the same pattern repeating, so once you get your head around the pattern, it’s all yours.

The beginner part repeats a very simple pattern, but sounds different when it comes round again, because it is harmonised differently by the intermediate part. The harmonisations are quite jazzy and sometimes a bit adventurous, I suspect a bit too adventurous for one particular Amazon reviewer, but stick with it, you will be rewarded when it all comes together!


This video was taken at the Music Education Expo 2015. This lovely music teacher I had just met is sight reading the beginner’s part. I rather like the ambient sounds in this one!

And now sans ambience.



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